Vote for utility tax once city learns how to spend money

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The leadership of the city of Lincoln has made an excellent case for the necessity of the utility tax. What the leadership has failed to do, at least to my satisfaction, is convince me that any new money will be spent wisely. According to the July 8th edition of The News Messenger (page A10, “Small cities, big pay”), the city manager enjoys a total compensation package of $296,423 yet it appears that his first major decision was to hire an assistant at a compensation package somewhere north of $100,000. I find it hard to believe that a city of 37,000 residents can justify an expense of more than $400,000 per year for executive management. I’ll vote for the utility tax in a heartbeat if the city can convince me the money will not be dumped down the drain. I’ll vote for more policemen, but not for an easier life for the city manager and his well-paid staff or another police building debacle. Harvey Ulijohn, Lincoln