Vote in November because city needs trustworthy officials

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Wow! I am happy and amazed at the Letters to the Editor in the last two weeks. Lincolncites have awoken. Hooray! At last, the citizens of America are realizing that we can’t just sit back and let our government - national, state, county and city - do whatever they please. A lot of people were upset at the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party movement for causing trouble but now we can see that they have a valid point. That is, our government is raising our taxes to pay for their high and ever increasing salaries. During a downturn in the economy, we at home cut our spending on everything. Not true when it comes to greed. Greed can’t get enough, so we are taxed again and again. My first letter to the editor was in 1975, complaining that there were no bathrooms for the parents and visitors of the Little League games; I had to take my 2 little girls home to use the potty at least a couple times each game. A few years later, I complained that the City Corporation Yard at the end of East Avenue and McBean Park Drive was an eyesore that everyone saw every time they entered or left Lincoln. We were so happy when they built that beautiful fire station. We on this side of town felt safe. But, now I read it has been closed? Why? The bottom line is: fire station or high salaries for our city employees and their exorbitant pensions, etc. etc. Now I may be wrong but that is what I get from reading the newspaper these last few years. There are so many more things I could expound on but the great letters to the editor the last few weeks have just about said it all. With a big smile, I read them all to my husband, he was smiling too. Which brings me to the last comment. I applaud the Lincoln News Messenger’s Editor Carol Feineman for writing one of the best editorials (Aug. 19, News Messenger, Page A4, “Asking the tough questions comes with the territory”) I have ever read. She gave the best description and example of newspaper reporting in last week’s editorial comment. That a council member would say the feeling of City Hall “is that the newspaper has now declared war” is very revealing. We need a new City Council, now. I just wish the national newspapers had the guts to report the truth of what is happening in our country, that is what newspapers are for. It’s not the Internet that is running the newspapers out of business, it is that people want the truth, we are tired of being lied to. Thank you, Carol. I totally agree with the many letters to the editor, please continue printing them in the paper and not just online ( I also agree with Terrie Robinson (Aug. 19, News Messenger, Page A5, “Support accountability”) that Stan Nader will be an excellent and honest City Councilman. I would trust him with all of my money (which isn’t much). So please vote for Stan in November. I will see you at the polls. We will also be voting for her other recommendations, Gabriel Hydrick, Claire Magid and Damian Armitage. Nancy Moose, Lincoln