Vote in normal election, not a recall election

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Marshall Weir is absolutely right about the senselessness of spending $135,000 Lincoln does not have to spare for this recall (June 16 Lincoln News Messenger, page A4, “No on recall, vote at next election.”) The council members have been put on notice and perhaps they will come up with some workable solutions in the next few months, and I for one, would like them to have the chance. If not, then use the normal election to remove them. The few months difference between an expensive “special” election and the normal election is not worth the expense. Who can predict even with the recall that the ones elected to take their place will do a better job, certainly not the guy spearheading the recall who obviously is oblivious to costs? After all, when these people were voted in, we all thought we were getting the change/solutions we needed to make our city solvent once more. Think, people, can we really afford to do this? One comment, I doubt the $135,000 would pay the salary of two or three police or firemen but might save the jobs of one or two and that would be a worthy decision for us all to consider, with much better dividends. Dorothy M. James, Lincoln