Vote for Barney and Hydrick, two candidates who have spent the least money

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Does anyone out there remember when the position of City Councilperson was a “service position?” I do! People ran for these positions only to improve their cities. Why do you think someone would plunk out $10,000 (Stan Nader), or $12,000 (Richard Pearl) to run for these positions? Of course, they expect something back! And Jeff Greenberg only spent $1,200 but he is riding on the coat tails of Nader and Pearl joining signs, advertising and campaign issues. And Linda Stackpoole declined to say how much she has spent, no doubt because she has spent a ton too! She also supports Measure K, along with Pearl. She says problems are due to the decline of tax revenue and property taxes, duh. I get my tax bill six months prior to it being due; could the city not see what was in its way in time to react? Sometimes families get laid off and get two weeks notice. They know immediately the answer is to cut back in expenses, and in fact, it is imperative that they cut back. Don’t you think the city could have done the same thing? Or did they think there was a bottomless pit of money? Last week, the city ended the $54,000 contract for our “education.” That’s a start but just a beginning. They did that because they could tell the residents were unhappy so they did it to appease us. It is time they do more, like lay the city manager off. With the following two candidates, I think they can do more. This only leaves two candidates. That works out perfectly since we need two. Reid Barney who only spent $570 and Gabriel Hydrick who only spent $2,000. These candidates seem to be good solid residents that would like to be good City Council people. I like the things I read about their positions. I have never met them in my life, but judging what I have read about them in the Lincoln News Messenger (and I believe The Messenger tells the truth), they are the best ones to vote for in November. Please follow my example. We will be a much happier city. Thank you. Lena Labosky, Lincoln