Vote for ‘new blood’ in council race

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Our city needs financially accountable, honest and sound leadership, not the “good ole boy” system. My U.S. Air Force leadership career came to an end toward late last year and it has enabled me to spend more time watching the municipal level of government. As my wife and I came from an area ravaged by Hurricane Katrina (Biloxi, Miss.), we expected the lands and people to be very different in this small Californian town. The land is different; however, the soap-opera type daily drama among the citizens seems right up there with where we moved from. Is it small earthquakes, wildfires off in the distance, or a flood in the ‘90’s that has got the people so jittery (rhetorical question)? The impression I have of the Lincoln City Council is that it is comprised of a few “good ole boys,” who try to dominate all the decisions relevant for this once All American City. It appears in 2010, a couple of level-headed and honest gentlemen ascended to capture the popular vote and become City Councilmen. However, they get resistance from the “Top 3,” who have seniority and the floating title of mayor. I see a striking similarity in how many facets of the military used to be. It wasn’t necessarily about your ability to lead, academic record or skill of communicating - it was about who you knew and who knew you. My family encourages the residents of this great area to vote this November and keep in mind the need for “new blood” to have an opportunity to run Lincoln. Due to one councilman’s retirement, the trio of seniority will be broken up so it is time to hold this level of government accountable for their leadership, financial decisions and interpersonal skills (or lack thereof). A good way for that accountability is to replace their seats on the council. Thank you for reading. Ted A. West, Lincoln