Volunteers needed for Recreation and Respite program

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Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital and Sutter Roseville Medical Center are looking for enthusiastic and energetic volunteers to assist with the Recreation and Respite Program located in Lincoln. This program is for seniors with physical or memory impairments. Volunteer opportunities include providing companionship to seniors, helping with arts and crafts projects, encouraging the seniors to participate in pet visits and watching various types of entertainment. The Recreation and Respite program offers these engaging activities for seniors with physical or memory impairments to enhance the well-being of the participants while providing free time to their caregivers. The program provides recreational, social and educational activities, including games, music, exercise, group discussion, socializing, crafts, reminiscing and adventures with pets. Volunteering is a way to use your talents, provide a valuable service to the community, learn new skills and meet others. For additional information, contact Joni Trykar at 782-1559 or