Vizzusi was a great police chief for Lincoln

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I appreciate your efforts at The Lincoln News Messenger to get the City Manager, Jim Estep, to be truthful about the police chief. His stonewalling and handling of this situation does not inspire trust by me. Even after all your efforts and other Lincoln citizens asking for the truth from our elected officials and Estep, we don’t know what happened. I am one of many retired former law enforcement professionals living in Lincoln. Chief Vizzusi has impressed us with his leadership of the Police Department during the past several years of difficult financial times. Vizzusi has tremendous respect for his efforts to reach out to the community and work on prevention efforts. The department’s work with at-risk youth is admirable. He has great community support. As a former chief, I realize that Visuzzi was an “at will” employee. Where were the City Council members when this situation came up? As the elected leaders of our community, they could have instructed their employee, Estep, to “make it work.” I believe it will be impossible to get someone with Vizzusi’s talent and experience to apply for the chief’s position in Lincoln after they see how he was treated. I urge the voters to remember this situation when the council members are looking for your votes. Gary Leonard, Lincoln