A visit to Sun City Roseville

Bicycle column
By: By Vic Freeman Special to Lincoln News Messenger
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On this ride, we begin at the Lincoln Crossing Club House at the corner of Ferrari Ranch Road and Groveland. Before leaving home, as always, check your tires, be sure you have your helmet on and take along some water and preferably some snacks as we are going on a 20-mile-plus ride to visit Sun City, Roseville.

From the Club House, go toward the Highway 65 bypass undercrossing. Proceed about 3/4 of a mile to Sorrento Drive and turn right and go to Moore Road. Make a left on Moore Road and ride past Nelson Lane to Fiddyment.

Left on Fiddyment past the Lincoln waste treatment plant on the left to Athens. Keep on Fiddyment for about 3 miles to Blue Oaks Boulevard. Proceed on Fiddyment to Del Webb Boulevard. Get in the left-turn lane at the overhead traffic light and go left on Del Webb Boulevard. Go on Del Webb past the Timber Lake Lodge on the right and keep going to Blue Oaks Boulevard. A stop at the Timber Lake Lodge might be a good place to have a snack and look around the Lodge if you haven’t seen it. Make a left on Blue Oaks and go back to Fiddyment and make a right turn.

Keep going on Fiddyment back to Athens and take a right turn. Proceed about a mile past the Thunder Valley Casino on your left to Industrial across the rail tracks and make a left turn. Go to Twelve Bridges Drive, proceed over the Highway 65 overpass and continue to Joiner Parkway. Make a left on Joiner and go past Sterling and proceed over the highway overpass to Ferrari Ranch Road. Turn left on Ferrari Ranch and go back to your point of origin.

You have just completed a 21.5-mile loop. Hope you enjoyed the ride and remember to stay alert and be careful while riding.

Until next time.

Vic Freeman is a Lincoln resident and an avid bicyclist.