Vaudeville troupe in celebration

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Loretta Alley, who passed away recently, asked Marina Eugenios, who is the founder of the Sun City Lincoln Hills Vaudeville Troupe in May if the troupe would volunteer to entertain during the Lincoln Boulevard celebration.

I am a member of the troupe but was unable to participate, due to illness. I was disappointed that Patty McAlpin’s write up (Oct. 25 front page, “Thousands party downtown. Saturday marked Lincoln Boulevard’s dedication”), which acknowledged a large number of groups who participated, did not include the Vaudeville Troupe who gave hours of time entertaining during the celebration in addition to spending four months of time rehearsing. There were 20 members of the troupe who entertained.

In addition, the Heritage Church volunteered the use of their sound equipment and technicians, which involved hauling in a large amount of heavy equipment. I think all of these volunteers should be recognized for their donation of time and talent.

Susan Joyce, Lincoln