Van Vliet uses Facebook to help others find jobs

By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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Name: Christina Van Vliet Age: 34 City: Lincoln Job: customer service representative for GAP, Inc. Family: Six daughters ranging from six months old to 17 Visit Christina’s Job Page at To help Christina Van Vliet fund website startup costs, website maintenance and a new computer, visit: How did Christina’s Jobs Page get started? If you go to websites like Career Builder or Monster, you can share jobs. Because I get lots of those e-mails every day, I started sharing them on my personal page and that got to be popular. I had people asking if they could share their information on their Facebook pages. So you started a Facebook page just for jobs? Yes. I started sharing the jobs I get in my e-mail. I started thinking, why don’t I start looking for jobs? I search Google and I’ve been calling employers in the area asking if they are hiring, and sometimes they give the standardized answer “You can come in and fill out an application,” and so I ask to talk to the boss. I dig a little deeper to find out if they’re really hiring. Do you only post job opportunities? I list interviewing and resume tips. I post different things off of different websites. Some people e-mail me and want specifics so I’ll send them e-mails. Do you get paid to do this? I am doing it all for free right now. Everybody keeps asking me, “Are you a recruiter?” and they assume I’m getting paid. This is something I’m passionate about. Why do you do it? I’ve liked helping people all of my life. I hate to see people struggle. I want the economy to get better and for people to feel better about the way things are going. That everyone can bounce back, we can all get jobs and be OK. Does anyone help you with the page? It’s just been me. My daughters help me when they can. My nine-year-old (Alexis) helps me, sometimes I’ll have her log in to see (if I’ve gotten any messages). How do you juggle work, six kids and the job page? I am just used to being busy. I’m used to going and going and going. I get bored if I’m not. It’s pretty normal for me. Have you ever been recognized in public for your page? I had a lady that asked if she could hug me in Target. She said her husband had been out of work for two years, they have four kids and she said he just landed a job (from visiting Christina’s Jobs Page). To see a neighbor or friend featured here, please e-mail stephanied@goldcountry or call Stephanie Dumm at 774-7967.