Utility tax will make it hard to balance personal budget

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First, I would like to thank Ruth Alves and everyone else for the wonderful fireworks display on July 3. If it had not been for their efforts, I feel that Lincoln’s Fourth of July would have gone unnoticed other than the parade and pancake breakfast. I am so disappointed in our city council. I don’t know where to begin, let’s start with the utility tax. Like so many others I have seen my own income decrease by 40 percent and am finding it hard to balance my own budget each month. In asking for this added tax it would be an average of $25 to $35 more a month. Those of us who are struggling to keep our homes, vehicles and having to pay added state taxes (because they too can not balance their own budgets) just can’t afford this added tax. If our city leaders are unable to make the necessary cutbacks to make things work, then I feel they need to be replaced! I have watched years of unnecessary spending to try and make this an "ALL AMERICAN CITY" something it is not. Barbara White, Lincoln