Urge a hold on approvals

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On Tuesday, April 9, the county board of supervisors will consider suspending any further permits for the construction/operation of a community center until the provision allowing these centers can be reviewed for definition and clarity of intent.

The community center provision is very vague and provides no parameters for appropriate use or guidelines for operation, leaving a gaping loophole for abuse.

One provision example, ‘grange halls,” suggests that people of the agricultural community living acres away from each other need a common, nonprofit gathering place. Yet, this “community center” provision has recently been sited to allow construction of a large-scale business operation without any agricultural component in a farm zone.

The real community has expressed serious concern for the implications, including the open-ended provision likely becoming exploited for non-agricultural businesses within agriculturally zoning.

Under an ordinance four years in the making, Placer County wineries must yield to specific limitations for events. Yet the community center provision allows a non-agricultural business operation an “end run” around the winery ordinance restrictions. This provision needs work.

Please urge your supervisor to support the moratorium on community center approvals until some definition and guidelines can be established.

Carol Corona Chaney, Save Placer Farmlands, Newcastle