UHLER'S Version: "It's a Wonderful Life"

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Congratulations are in store for Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler and his family. There appears to be no economic recession or depression impacting the Uhler household. Kirk Uhler?s wife has quietly assumed a senior management position with the Placer County Department of Children?s Services. Newly announced at website: (Go peek!) And, aside from the crummy management benefits we all know Placer?s elite obtain, there is a salary range of $92,144 to $112,000 along with it. Website: Bet like all other county employees she starts at $92,144 and has to work her way up to $112,000. Any comment bottle-brush-lip? Yes you, Tom Miller? She is so thrilled at this opportunity she even tells her friends on her ?Twitter Page:? writing, ?Trying to get caught up with computer stuff and email after starting my new job this past Tuesday! yowza! 9:42 PM Jul 9th from web.? See it while it?s still on line at: Didn?t hear about the job opening you say? Well, the vacancy was not announced by Placer County. So, you could not have gotten it anyway. Tough luck chumps! Kirk, what a dream life! Be appointed County Supervisor, have in place a pre-programmed non-compete contract worth $3 Million for Solar Power quietly awarded by the county to your private company. Next, appoint your very own temporary County Tax Assessor who forgets to tax your company?s property, and goes out of her way to continue to help you, her master. Then for a little icing on the cake, get your wife in a senior management position on the county payroll: a position which had previously been left vacant due to lack of funding. Way to go Kirk! You learned well from your former boss and mentor, John Doolittle. You make all Republican?s so proud!