Uhler: I did not influence the hiring of my wife

Another View
By: Kirk Uhler, Placer County Supervisor
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The July 29, 2009, article about my wife’s employment with the Department of Child Support Services quotes me as saying, “I can absolutely see why people without the full grasp of the facts surrounding my wife’s employment would raise their eyebrows,” but then fails to give the facts as given to the reporter in the 20-plus minute conversation that he recorded. The facts are these: First, Tami Uhler (then Tami Chandler) was already a prosecutor within the Office of the Placer County District Attorney when we were married in 1995. I was a Placer County Supervisor. Subsequent to our marriage, I recused myself from all votes that impacted the District Attorney’s office. Second, last fall, nine years after leaving her position as a prosecutor to raise our children, my wife expressed interest in going back to work. She had previously received offers of other legal positions, but decided she wanted to apply at the District Attorney’s office. Third, the District Attorney’s office was publicly advertising a vacancy within their office for a District Attorney I position. Though it was a step back from the position and seniority she held prior to her departure from the District Attorney’s office, Tami went through the steps to apply for the publicly advertised position. Tami received notification from personnel that she was ranked No. 1 on the applicant list based on an objective questionnaire about her work history and experience. Fourth, in January of this year, Troy Held, a former colleague and the current director of the Department of Child Support Services, heard from a friend that Tami had applied for the publicly advertised position within the District Attorney’s Office. At the time he learned of Tami’s interest in rejoining the workforce, Mr. Held was actively interviewing candidates for the position of assistant director within his department. Subsequently, Mr. Held contacted Tami to discuss the position. Mr. Held and Tami had worked together at the District Attorney’s office briefly before her departure. They had not spoken since she resigned. Finally, at no time during the discussions of the employment opportunity between Tami and Mr. Held did I speak with Mr. Held, County Executive Officer Tom Miller, anyone within the Department of Personnel, any of my colleagues on the Board of Supervisors nor anyone having anything whatsoever to do with the employment process about this opportunity that had been presented to Tami by Mr. Held. Additionally, Placer County Department of Child Support Services receives all of its funding from federal and state sources. Placer County general fund money does not support their department. Kirk Uhler is the District 4 (Granite Bay) Placer County Supervisor. Click here to read "Uhler appointment raising concerns