Two in a row for Self at All American Speedway

By: Jeannie Broussal, Special to The Press Tribune
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Michael Self won his second consecutive NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model race at All American Speedway on Saturday, but not without a fight.


The 19-year-old battled it out with No. 29 Jason Fensler for a good part of the race with

some exhilarating side-by-side racing.


"We had one of the best cars out here again tonight," Self said. "It was awesome run for the Rockwell Timekeepers Motorway Motorsports Chevy. The last two weekends this car has been unstoppable. "


The win marked Self's third career stock car win since transitioning from karting to stock cars in 2008.Self is also racing in the K&N Pro Series where he posted a top 10 finish in Phoenix last week.


For the second week in a row No. 17 Jonathan Mawhinney posted a second place finish to Self.


"It was a fun race," Mawhinney said. "The car was good. It was a little tight on the first four laps of the restart, but overall it was a good clean race."


Fensler came in third, No. 27 John Moore fourth, and No. 20 Bobby Grewohl rounded out the top five.


In Saturday’s Modified racing, No. 24 Scott Winters ran away from the field and never looked back. Winters was the 2007 and 2008 Modified champion at All American Speedway.


"This Ferrari Kramer race team is just really strong,” Winters said. “We've got a lot of depth, we've got a great crew chief Ron Austerero, the motor builder Don Kramer does a great job and the owner provides us with all the things we need to get up front.”


In Bomber racing, No. 24 Cody Rickard picked up his first win and he was excited.


"It was fun,” Rickard said. “I've been out here five years trying to win and I finally got one. I've had a lot of bad luck over the years and finally it all paid off. It feels really good."


Mickey Owens, the 2008 Street Stock champion, showed everyone who was boss by running away with that race. He clearly was in control, but did have some great competition and a great battle with last year’s champion, Chris Lambert.


NASCAR Whelen championship series racing returns to All American Speedway on April 24. Coming up April 17 at All American Speedway will be USA Sprints, Legends and Vintage cars with high car counts in all divisions.




1. No. 84 Michael Self

2. No. 17 Jonathan Mawhinney

3. No. 29 Jason Fensler

4. No. 27 John Moore

5. No. 20 Bobby Grewohl

6. No. 35 Matt Scott

7. No. 1 Bobby Butler

8. No. 46 Zane Lovelace

9. No. 61 Shannon Mansch

10. No. 51 Chris Scribner

11. No. 33 Dana Pruhs

12. No. 31 Justin Henry

13. No. 3 Juan Pitta

14. No. 24 Tyler Thomas

15. No. 2 Josh Reaume

16. No. 22 Cameron Millard

17. No. 12 Tim Smith

18. No. 72 Michelle Nagai

19. No. 44 Ron Chunn



1. No. 24 Scott Winters

2. No. 77 Michael Ostrowski

3. No. 15 Jason Philpot

4. Gary Glenn

5. No. 21 Josh Brock

6. No. 7 Nik Romano

7. No 43 Nick Lyons

8. No. 90 Trevor Cristiani

9. No. 39 Luke Kaper

10. No. 1 Rick Anable

11. No. 07 Justin Wolff

12. No. 5 Jason Bamberg

13. No. 12 David Crouch

14. No. 13 Tuesday Sanderson

15. No. 28 Jim Miller

16. No. 17 Tyler Wentworth

17. No. 27 Rich Lingren

18. No. 2 Ryan Peter

19. No. 22 Troy Nogosek

20. No. 57 Wes Miller



1. No. 24 Cody Rickard

2. No. 50 Richard Perez

3. No. 27 David Thompson

4. No. 52 Matt Camp

5. No. 23 Eric Bocksberger

6. No. 30 Steve Runkle

7. No. 89 Walter Silva

8. No. 73 Gary Eisenhour

9. No. 12 Denise Lambert

10 No. 77 Erick Ray

11. No. 22 Keith Hopkinson

12. No. 74 Terry Thomas, Jr.



1. No. 08 Mickey Owens

2. No. 50 Chris Lambert

3. No. 14 Wayne Crossland

4. No. 2 Mel Wilson

5. No. 86 Dave Silva

6. No. 71 Randy Owens

7. No. 80 Bryan Tomerraon

8. No. 07 Travis Henry

9. No. 8 Matt Cockrum

10. No. 31 Jim McGinnis

11. No. 33 Michael Gorham

12. No. 79 Eric Martinez

13. No. 68 Joseph Colorado

15. No. 15 John Ulery

16. No. 20 Mario Rios-Davis

17. No. 21 Kevin Owens

18. No. 48 Earl Lee

19. No. 6 Spencer Emerson