Two more people to run for City Council

By: Stephanie Dumm, News Messenger Reporter
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In addition to Stan Nader, two more residents have announced their candidacy for Lincoln’s City Council. Jeff Greenberg and Richard Pearl both said Monday they are running for the two seats currently occupied by Kent Nakata and Linda Stackpoole. Last week, Stackpoole said she will run for re-election in the November race. Nakata told The News Messenger Tuesday afternoon that he will not run again. “After eight years, I thought it was time for me to retire. It’s been eight years, and I figure that was, to my own feeling, long enough,” Nakata said. “I think the responsibilities and what I’ve accomplished in eight years have been there and I feel that it’s time to have other people now become members of the council.” While Nader, Greenberg and Pearl said they’re running for City Council, they have to wait until July 12 to officially file with the county as candidates. “I have a passion for the city of Lincoln and I would like to contribute to its future,” Greenberg said. Greenberg is president and founder of Friends of Lincoln Kids, which puts on annual events such as the Italian Festival and Rib Festival to raise money for programs that support activities for Lincoln’s children. Pearl began his formal candidacy for City Council on Monday. “I think it’s the right time, and I have the background and experience to help the city in areas of financial administration,” Pearl said. Pearl has served as chairman for the city’s Citizens Financial Task Force and is also on the finance committee for Sun City Lincoln Hills. Last week, Stan Nader and Councilwoman Linda Stackpoole both told The News Messenger that they’d be running for City Council, too. Stackpoole is running because she said she “still has valuable contributions to make to the city.” Nader would like to see the city “run more efficiently” and said he “cares about the community.”