Tuesday’s election results are in

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Lincoln City Council - 31 out of 31 precincts reporting Stan Nader 6,588 Gabriel Hydrick 4,914 Richard Pearl 3,815 Linda Stackpoole 3,795 Jeff Greenberg 3,356 Reid Barney 2,088 Western Placer Unified School District –50 of 50 precincts reporting Kris Wyatt 8,470 Damian Armitage 4,548 Terry Gage 4,269 Ana Stevenson 3,435 Measure K - 31 of 31 precincts reporting No 9,973 Yes 4,911 Measure J –50 of 50 precincts reporting No 9,415 Yes 7,443 Nevada Irrigation District Director 4 – 34 of 34 precincts reporting Jim Bachman 4,120 Will Morebeck 2,976 These figures are considered “semi-official” because there are still an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 ballots remaining to be counted in Placer County. These ballots (mostly vote-by-mail ballots, mail ballots and provisional ballots) will be collected, verified, and counted in the canvass of election results. Once counted, these ballots could add another 7.5 percent to 10 percent to our final turnout figures. State law allows 28 days after the election to complete the ballot tally and the official audit of the election, known as the canvass. When the canvass is completed, the official results are certified. - Placer County Elections Office