Too many stop signs in Lincoln Hills lead to more safety issues

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Safety should be the No. 1 issue in regard to the number of stop signs in Lincoln Hills.

But there are simply too many stop signs, in particular four-way stops that should be two-way stops.

We have lived here for six years and there are stops at intersections that rarely have cross traffic. These intersections should be converted to two-way stops.

And the main thoroughfares should not have stop signs unless there is a significant amount of cross traffic. This should not be a major safety issue because a lot of intersections have no stop signs.

And it is a lot riskier when there are stop signs but drivers do not come to complete stops or do not stop at all early in the morning or later in the evening.

When we moved to Lincoln Hills, we drove an SUV that measured gas mileage. We averaged four miles to the gallon at stop signs until we had enough speed to shift into third and fourth. But, before we could make it to a higher gear, there was another stop sign. We estimated we averaged six miles per gallon driving in Lincoln Hills.

Bad mileage also means increased pollution. Watch the exhausts pipes of cars taking off from a complete stop some time. It is disgusting and the worst offenders are diesel-powered.

By the way, there are eight stop signs between our home and Raleys. This is why we drive an NEV.

Jack Waymire, Lincoln