Tom Cosgrove works to foster sense of community

By: Brandon Darnell The News Messenger
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Tom Cosgrove, who has been a Lincoln City Council member for 14 years, is running for reelection in November. “The advantage of being on the council gives me a good understanding of how it works and how the city operates. I also know the city’s finances,” Cosgrove said. Cosgrove is best known for his association with the Highway 65 bypass project, but counts his contributions to the city’s financial security as one of his greatest successes. “We’re going to experience economic difficulties, like other cities, but not to the same degree,” Cosgrove said. “We’ve been conservative on our budget, and also on our revenue expectations,” he said, highlighting his fiscal viewpoints. “The next few years are going to be a real challenge financially for all communities. My policies and experiences will help us make good decisions that will keep us strong, financially,” he said. Cosgrove said he believes that Lincoln’s biggest asset is its people, but that there is also a challenge in some of the newer communities, which haven’t yet formed close-knit ties and a sense of community. “It’ll be up to the residents to work with us and together” to remedy the issue, Cosgrove said. He believes community events such as bringing the kids downtown on Halloween, getting involved in the parades and other community events will bring a sense of community with time. Cosgrove said he wishes to stay involved in city government because he was brought up with the philosophy of giving back to the community and being involved. His family values pushed him to volunteering in the community, including time spent as a volunteer firefighter and helping out with fundraisers. Having been a Lincoln resident for 21 years, he feels he has a good handle on what the community’s values are, and wants to hold onto the culture and not let it slip away. “We have our Fourth of July parade, the Christmas parade and the Celebration of the Holy Ghost, commonly called the Portuguese Picnic,” he said. “Agriculture, fishing, hunting and sportsman’s events are also part of our culture. We shouldn’t lose that.” He said the newer residents typically share the same values as the long-established residents, and that that should enable Lincoln to maintain its culture and bring everyone together. When asked what citizens can expect of him as a councilman, Cosgrove said he is accessible. “We as council members need to be the resource for the people to approach when they want to make our community a better place. I’d like to help them,” he said. Cosgrove also chairs the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, and said it’s an honor for Lincoln to be involved at that level. “I raised my family here. This is my home, my community,” Cosgrove said.