Tie a yellow ribbon around G Street

Merchants show support for their mill
By: Stephanie Dumm News Messenger Reporter
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Support for those serving the military is on display dowtown along G Street in the form of yellow ribbons. The idea to tie yellow ribbons to light poles, trees and sign posts was Luke and Rachel McNeel-Caird’s. The ribbons will stay on through January. Luke McNeel-Caird, a Downtown Lincoln Marketing and Branding Task Force member, said he brought the idea to the task force on Dec. 9 and six to eight members immediately volunteered to help tie and put up the ribbons. The ribbons were hung Dec. 15 along G Street between Gateway Drive to Seventh Street. McNeel-Caird said there was significance behind which street the ribbons were placed. “It is because G Street is the heart of downtown and that’s where a lot of people still drive today,” McNeel-Caird said. “It’s pretty universal that yellow ribbons are known to support military. Most people will see them and think about our military, and it shows our families in Lincoln that we support them.” Beale Air Force Base employees also drive on G Street, according to McNeel-Caird, and they will see the ribbons while driving through Lincoln. On Dec. 15, at least six volunteers showed up at Lincoln Florist to tie about 200 yellow ribbons. Jennifer Ibarra, Lincoln Florist owner, showed the volunteers how to tie the ribbons, donating her staff’s time and space in the store for the project. “He came in and asked what the cost of ribbon was and I was more than happy to sell him the ribbon and donate time to make the ribbons,” Ibarra said. “It’s to support our troops and to let them know we are thinking of them.” As the wife of a deceased and disabled veteran, Randi Lorenzo said she agreed to help tie the ribbons as a way to “honor our veterans and active duty.” “It’s extra important, not only for our veterans but for the spouses and family members,” Lorenzo said. “They have sacrificed also, not having their family members home for the holidays.” Wayne Sisneroz, who helped hang the ribbons, said he was looking forward to showing the ribbons to his son, who came home on leave last weekend. “I think it’s a great tribute to our current servicemen, women and veterans,” Sisneroz said.