Three burglaries during 36-hour evacuation

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A 16-year-old Lincoln resident was arrested Friday after burgling a First Street home during last week’s 36-hour mandatory evacuation. Lincoln Police Sgt. Terry Kennedy said the male juvenile, who lives in the neighborhood where the burglary occurred, stole several items from the home, including a shot gun. “We’ve dealt with the young man before. Tips were given to us by different people,” Kennedy said, adding that “his parents helped us out a lot.” “His parents were trying to do the right thing,” Kennedy said. “Everything was recovered, with the help of the suspect’s family.” The unnamed 16-year-old was booked into Placer County Juvenile Hall for burglary, looting and possession of stolen property, according to Kennedy. This burglary was one of three that happened during the Aug. 23 to 24 evacuation. “There was an expectation that we may have some of that activity,” Lincoln Police Chief Paul Shelgren said. “It’s unfortunate that we did. With only three reported, it could have been a lot worse.” Shelgren said the evacuated areas were patrolled, and officers made contact and identified those found in the evacuated zone. “Three (burglaries) is too many but I think it goes to show the job the guys did patrolling,” Shelgren said. Kennedy said the other two burglaries are currently unsolved. “We were gearing up for a lot more,” Kennedy said. “We’re not happy about the three but it’s better than it could have been.” The News Messenger asked Kennedy what he attributes to the low burglary rates during the evacuation. “I think it’s just because we’ve got really good people in this community,” Kennedy said. “The citizens really stepped up on this one. During the entire evacuation, people were, for the most part, very calm and very cooperative.” Stephanie Dumm can be reached at