They should practice football during the day

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Who is paying to keep the lights on? Our teachers are getting pink slips, classrooms are losing the lottery money they once used to buy paper, pencils and art supplies and yet, somehow, the school district has enough money to allow football players to practice beneath the stadium lights during the week. How is this possible and who is justifying the expense? During the evening of Aug. 16, I witnessed just three individuals conducting passing drills under a fully illuminated field. It is possible there may have been more players using the field earlier or that the field was being rented by an outside entity but the situation is concerning nonetheless because the high school football program has a recent history of practicing at night. As a Lincoln High School alumni and a four-year football player, I can personally attest to the fact that the high school has the resources for practicing football during the daytime. I am a proud supporter of our high school athletic programs but I feel practicing beneath the stadium lights in light of the current economic hardships facing the district is simply fiscally irresponsible. I would appreciate a response from whoever is responsible at Western Placer Unified School District for approving the light bill associated with this issue. Patrick M. Maul, Lincoln