Thanksgiving fire extinguished quickly

By: Brandon Darnell, News Messenger Reporter
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Firefighters responded to a fire on Snapdragon Lane in Lincoln Hills Thanksgiving and were able to contain the blaze outside the living quarters, Fire Chief Dave Whitt said. “The occupants were finishing up their Thanksgiving dinner when someone knocked on their door and told them their house was on fire,” Whitt said. Neighbors then called 9-1-1, and the Lincoln Fire Department responded with three engines. Another three engines were called out from nearby agencies, including one from Roseville to cover the city while the fire was battled. Whitt said he believes the fire started when the deep fryer, which had been left on outside, burned through the bottom of the aluminum pot, bringing the already-superheated oil to the open flame and igniting the exterior wall of the garage. The fire then spread to the fence and bushes as well as into the attic of the house. The house next door was damaged as well, with singing of the paint and a broken window. “The firefighters did a really good job keeping the fire from advancing into the living quarters,” Whitt said. “A lot of times when it gets into the attic, it goes quicker than we can control it, and they did a good job stopping it.” Whitt added that when the flames were extinguished, a firefighter climbed into the attic and used a thermal imaging camera to ensure that all hot spots were out and the fire was, in fact, stopped. Witnesses heard the screaming of the propane tank on the deep fryer as the gas vented, Whitt said. The only remains of the aluminum pot were a few drippings of melted metal on the ground. Nobody was injured, Whitt said, but the house had much of its wiring burned, so it is not livable at the moment. He added that the estimated damage falls within the $45,000-$50,000 range.