Thanksgiving comes to Senior Cafe

By: Stephanie Dumm, News Messenger Reporter
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Thanksgiving came early last Friday to Senior Cafe for seven diners. The seniors were served a Thanksgiving dinner at lunch time, complete with turkey, stuffing, green beans and chocolate cake. The News Messenger spoke with four of those seniors about what Thanksgiving means to them and what they will be doing for the holiday. Eugenio Frausto will enjoy his daughter’s cooking on Thanksgiving Day in Lincoln. “I’m grateful that I’m still alive and eating a turkey dinner,” said Frausto when asked what he is grateful for this year. “Thanksgiving means that we have plenty to eat and be thankful for.” Frausto said the meal he enjoyed at Senior Caf? “is very good.” When asked if Thanksgiving still has the same meaning, Frausto said yes. “It’s important for you to get all of the family together and have plenty to eat,” Frausto said. Virginia Zavalishan said it was “very nice” of Senior Caf? to offer the diners a Thanksgiving meal. “I’m grateful every day for still enjoying life and having everything I have,” Zavalishan said. “I have grandchildren, children and a great-grandchild and I’m grateful for them.” Zavalishan is looking forward to traveling out of state for Thanksgiving. “I’m going to my daughter’s house. She’s up in Reno,” Zavalishan said. “I’m going to see the snow and I love the snow.” When asked if the meaning of Thanksgiving has changed over the years, Zavalishan said, “It will always mean the same thing. “It means a day of looking at ourselves and family, and enjoying the beauty of the day,” Zavalishan said. “It’s a day where we give to each other. I cherish it because it’s a heartfelt holiday.” Ludia Mann said she is grateful this year for “my health, friends and family.” Mann and four friends will go to a restaurant for dinner this year. She enjoyed Friday’s meal. “Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks to our Lord that we still have our senses and can still get around, meet with friends and have fun,” Mann said. Jerry Bermsdorf said he is grateful for “money” and planned to attend the Knights of Columbus Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. “On Thanksgiving, I’m going to Turlock,” Bermsdorf said. “That’s where my daughter lives.”