Terry Dorsey has great insight

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Terry Dorsey Our Man: Your continued challenge of our highly compensated city manager (and assistant manager/CFO) and their camouflaged definitions of “reserves” is most enlightening (Dec. 16, front page, Lincoln News Messenger). To think of all the college education it took for them to master the art of “financial dissonance.” I remember in my clergy past that a financial guru spoke of our conference losses as a “negative gains.” In applying that concept to my personal finances, I have enjoyed several “negative gains” over the years. I am given to understand that the “Crystal Cathedral” is today enjoying huge “negative gains.” Some of my cash is “offsite” in safety boxes, which contain gold coins I bought years ago. I do not plan to redeem them but I’m glad I was dumb enough to purchase them 30 years ago. Perhaps my deserving beloved will appreciate their value when I go on to my heavenly reward (which no doubt has been diminished due to my “positive misbehavior” over the years). Perhaps my spouse will consider the coins as a “positive loss,” and my passing as a “negative gain!”  Thank you for your ongoing crusade to expose the bright side of all the darkness that is summarily offered as reasons to keep paying higher salaries to our lower talented city gurus. Your admiring citizen, Dick Huser, Lincoln.