For a terrific Tuesday, head to Kim's Country Kitchen

Youth Beat column
By: Cearra Cannon, Special to The News Messenger
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It’s not often that you walk into a restaurant, local or otherwise, and have other customers greet you and the owner herself takes your order and sits down for a chat. But this is exactly what is in store for you at Kim’s Country Kitchen. I decided to start my day there as a crime of convenience, located right on G Street (537 G St.) in the heart of Lincoln. Kim’s is right where you need to be. So I shuffled in and was immediately greeted by several seated diners, as well as Kris Rioux, who said, “it’s the funnest place to work ever!” and that she and her husband even come in on her off days “for the customers, the people are everything.” A charming taxidermy-preserved moose watched as Kim Strong herself, the owner extraordinaire, told me she wouldn’t open a restaurant anywhere else but Lincoln because of the friendships she has made and the “closeness” of the town. Then, the ominous question came up, Taco Tuesdays from 5 to 9 p.m. “It was actually my husband’s idea” Kim said while laughing, “it was kind of the idea of bringing Old and New Lincoln together for a good time.” And as Kris told me earlier, “Taco Tuesday rocks!” You know you want to know how your neighbors have spent their summer! And what better way to spend your Tuesday night than chatting with friends and listening to local bands tear up the log-cabin feeling décor. After Kim’s, I would strongly suggest a long walk because the restaurant’s portions are anything but dainty. Stroll along the main part of G Street, and around the corner, you’ll find the perfect tree-lined street. Little businesses adorn the sidewalks of 5th Street and create a postcard-perfect image no matter the time of day or season. A block down, the Lincoln Carnegie Library stands tall over the other businesses and has served as a place of sanctuary since its modest early days as a “Reading Room” at the beginning of the 20th century. Inside the Carnegie, you’ll find not only the latest works of fiction as well as the stuffy favorites of your high school English teacher but volunteers who read animatedly to kids of all ages. Check out a book and head outside to enjoy the summer day, whether it’s an adventurous day at Auburn Ravine Park or reading in the shade of the old oak tree behind the library. Embrace the calm of a day off. You’re going to need the energy for socializing and rocking out at Taco Tuesday, or finding the best deal at Farmers Market on Mondays and Thursdays. Cearra Cannon is 17 and a high school senior.