Tech Expo at its finest!

Students show off technology
By: By Corinne Lewis Special to The News Messenger
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Robots throwing basketballs?

Computer games?

Seeing yourself on TV?

It may have appeared like a bunch of children running around causing trouble Jan. 31 but it was instead the third annual Technology Learning Expo at Lincoln High School.

When asked about the overall turnout of this year’s Tech Expo, Western Placer Unified School District’s director of technology Bob Lyons said, “I think it’s great. We have a lot of people here and a lot of robots. There are a lot of cool things going on this year.”

     One new feature was the “passport.” Each attendee was handed a “passport” that included not only a description of each booth and the classes working the booth but also a spot to receive a stamp verifying that location was visited. The passport’s goal was to give more motivation to visit each booth.

Connie Scheiber, a mother of a First Street School fifth-grader and a Twelve Bridges Middle School seventh-grader, was excited about this year’s event.

 “A lot more people are here this year and I really like the ‘passport’ feature on the program,” Scheiber said. “I’m visiting more booths and I learned a lot more. I made sure I visited every person.”

Scheiber also said that the tech expo shows “how good the Western Placer Unified School District is. We have a lot of good here and I think sometimes the general public doesn’t know that.”

Kevin Kurtz, Lincoln Crossing Elementary School principal, agreed that it’s a good learning experience.

“I think it’s neat to have everyone showing off the things they’re doing with technology and I think that there are more people here this year,” Kurtz said. “I think every year, it will get bigger and better.”

     Lincoln High School senior Logan Smith worked the robotics booth and said, “This year, we have the field and can let people get hands-on experience and drive the robots.”

Many of the younger children at the expo wanted to drive the robots that the Lincoln High School’s robotics club had built.

Matthew Diab, a Foskett Ranch Elementary School second-grader, made his point very clear on how excited he was about the new robotics booth.

“I like the tech expo because I want to drive the robots,” Matthew said.

   Kurtz also ran an expo booth. He showed off what his elementary school students could do.

 “We are from Lincoln Crossing Elementary and we have a broadcast club, we have a TV studio and the kids put on a weekly broadcast and it takes about 10 kids to run the studio,” Kurtz said. “And they do a lot of different stories and things like that. So we’re just showing off all the equipment. It’s a Friday enrichment class, so every Friday in fourth- and fifth-grade, they pick an enrichment class that they want to participate in and broadcast is one of their choices.”

     Overall, the annual Tech Expo was a great event with plenty to show off.

According to parents, students and teachers alike, it has improved immensely from last year.  


Corinne Lewis is a Zebra Tales assignment editor and a Lincoln High School junior.