TEAM Lincoln devoted to helping city

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The first research phase of TEAM Lincoln’s life is over. We have provided a public benefit for the City of Lincoln. Thank you to the scores of Lincoln residents who, by working together as TEAM Lincoln, have dedicated countless hours to the betterment of our city. As of Feb. 1, I handed over the leadership reigns of TEAM Lincoln of to Reid Barney. TEAM Lincoln’s power through this initial discovery stage of our organization has been the use of the unique and in-depth wisdom each of us brings to the table. Coupled with our independent thinking and desire to discover the facts, TEAM Lincoln has been inquisitive and advisory as we put data, not rumor or innuendo, in front of the City Council and city manager. We have endeavored to portray our findings accurately. We have given the City Council ample facts and analysis to turn our city’s management and finances around. They will or they won’t do their job. In the beginning, the TEAM Lincoln membership flame was a flicker. As more information about the mismanagement of the city finances was uncovered, a forest fire grew. As we began, our focus was on the high pay and massive benefits of top city management. As we learned more, we began a time of what I would call an orchestrated avalanche of directed scrutiny with regard to the city management. Soon with obvious issues such as the UUT (utility users’ tax) debacle, management pay deals, liberal and expensive benefits and expensive Professional Service Contracts the number of residents whose negative opinion of the city’s management ability grew exponentially. It is now time for the TEAM to reorganize and start the second phase of its date with destiny, that of assisting the City Council reinvent our city government. Rich MacKirdy, Lincoln