Tea'd off

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Several Lincoln residents expressed their outrage at taxes Friday by attending a grassroots protest at the State Capitol. One of those residents was Claire Magid, coordinator for the Lincoln Tea Party Patriots. “So many people were there,” Magid said. “There were just over 5,000 total.” Magid said she did not know how many from Lincoln attended. Protestors were opposing trade laws and what they say are too-stringent environmental controls to protect a fish – the Delta Smelt – at the cost of 40,000 jobs, according to Magid. One of the event’s main purposes, Magid said, was to be “a sendoff for the Tea Party Express” – a group of protestors who will travel across the country by bus and participate in more than 30 protests, including one in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 12. “I feel that the government needs to keep their nose out of our business,” Magid said. Cable-news crews are traveling with some of the buses, and Magid said she hopes that the more coverage the groups get, the more other citizens will realize that they are not alone in their struggle against taxes. “We’re just normal, productive people sick and tired of fiscal irresponsibility and burdensome regulations and taxes,” said Auburn resident Steve Cavolt, who also attended the rally with an Auburn group. - Brandon Darnell