Teacher Frank Nevarez died Monday

A memorial service for Frank Nevarez will be held July 10 at the Nevarez home. The service will start at 11 a.m., followed by a lunch reception. There will be no burial services, because Frank Nevarez is being cremated. For more information, contact Patr
By: Stephanie Dumm, News Messenger Reporter
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Lincoln High School lost a beloved woodshop teacher Monday morning when Frank Nevarez died. Nevarez, 54, died from heart failure at his Auburn home. He taught woodshop at Lincoln High for 29 years. Lincoln High was the only school the Humboldt State graduate taught at, according to his wife of eight years, Renee Nevarez. “He was an amazing husband, a great husband and he was a very caring person,” Renee Nevarez said. “He really took care of me.” She also said Nevarez loved the outdoors and fishing, and was creative. “He designed and built our house and built every piece of furniture. He built everything in our yard. He was a very creative wood artist,” his wife said. “He never stopped working, was always like the Energizer bunny rabbit.” Frank Nevarez was also loved by his students. “He was funny and sarcastic, and always gave the kids a hard time but they loved him,” Renee Nevarez said. “He was always joking around, yelling at them, getting after them and trying to make them realize work was good.” Cody Walker, who graduated from Lincoln High School last year, was at the high school Tuesday afternoon helping the other shop teachers finish with grades and projects from Nevarez’s classes. Walker, who had classes with the popular shop teacher throughout his high school career, described Nevarez as the strict teacher “that everybody loved,” and “would miss everything” about the teacher. “He was very straightforward, but no matter what, he always laughed,” Walker said. “He was just a great guy.” Spencer Baumann, 17, agreed with Walker. “He was a mentor to everyone, and made everyone laugh,” Baumann said. “But when it came down to work, he would show us what we needed to know. It sucks that he’s gone.” Michael Morris, 17, liked Nevarez’s willingness to help. “He was fun, and if you had a problem, he’d help you out no matter what,” Morris said. “Some days, he’d make you bust up laughing because he’d tell jokes to the entire class.” Nevarez impacted school staff, too. He was good friends with Dave Butler, the high school principal, and Butler said he’d miss Nevarez visiting him in the morning, “talking and laughing with him.” “I think he was a very dedicated teacher. He was dedicated to his teachers, his school and he would do anything you asked him to do,” Butler said. “I think it will be a very different place without Frank around because he’s had such an influence.” Several students are now in shop-related careers because of Nevarez, according to Butler. Auto-shop teacher Scott Seacrist told The News Messenger that Nevarez was always willing to help out other teachers and students, and since he’d been there so long, was the “wise, experienced teacher” in the shop department. “He was funny, and had an interesting sense of humor,” Seacrist said. “He’ll be missed, for sure, and he can’t be replaced.” Barrett Hess, the school’s metal-fabrication design teacher, described Nevarez as “one of my favorite people, hands down.” “He was just entertaining. He was a character,” Hess said. “Frank was so true to himself, would tell you exactly what he thought all of the time, and he was an affable guy.” Hess also described Nevarez as “sarcastic, ornery and fun all of the time.” “He always acted really tough but had the biggest heart,” Hess said. “He had no idea how many people he touched.” Hess said Nevarez had a way of relating to the kids. “He was willing to talk with the kids on a personal level and he was important for socializing kids,” Hess said. “If you spent time with him, you realized he was a person, not just a teacher.” Besides his wife, Nevarez is survived by his mother, Margarita Nevarez; sister, Linda Sandahl; three nieces; three stepchildren; three step-grandchildren; a great niece and great nephew.