Teacher doesn’t like Measure J

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I cannot sit back without comment on Measure J. I wonder how much is being spent on the promotion of this measure when it could go toward directly toward the cause. Many promoting the measure will never be affected by its tax but the children of Lincoln schools, which are being featured on the flyers and even their children, will eventually inherit this debt. It will run at least 30 years. There are 10 schools featured on the fliers, four of the schools are already beautiful and modern, and the older ones have been receiving upgrades as the budget allows. I am not ashamed of the condition of any of our schools. Yes, there are always improvements to be made but one does not go buy a new car without a job to support it and expect someone else to pay. We are in a time where it is prudent to examine all purchases. Please consider when voting, that this is a 30-year bond on top of another 20-year existing bond. Many people who have family ranches and farms may be forced to sell and move with passage of a measure as extreme as this. There are other ways to fund school needs. That is why I am not supporting Measure J. Jenny Flanagan, Lincoln