Talented residents to be showcased

By: Carol Feineman, Editor
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Lincoln Area Archives Museum What: City records, old photographs, area artifacts and information on families in Lincoln for the past 100 years. Open to the public 9 a.m. to noon Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Where: 472 E. St. Info: 253-9972 I goofed up. I wanted to spend a few months promoting Saturday’s “Lincoln’s Got Talent” show. Instead, I only spent three weeks pumping the show. Everyday work, followed by the holidays and then special publications, got in the way. That’s no excuse because the talent show, sponsored by the Lincoln Area Archives Museum and I’m proud to say The News Messenger, deserves better than that. During our three auditions and two make-up auditions, I as a judge ended up having the best time watching singers, dancers and speciality acts. Potential performers were as entertaining as professionals who appear on TV and at the casinos. And these were just auditions. Best yet, all our acts live in Lincoln. In addition, performers in the 15 acts are not getting a penny from being in this show. They’re all donating their time Saturday to help raise funds for the Archives. One-hundred percent of proceeds earned from Saturday’s show will go to the volunteer-run Lincoln Area Archives Museum. Now in its 16th year, the Archives Museum is run by a handful of volunteers who are living testimony to Lincoln’s 150-year history. The museum has tons of old photographs and city records about the Lincoln area, artifacts and information on families here in Lincoln for more than 100 years. Unfortunately, the Archives Museum at 472 E St. is suffering, as many nonprofits are, from today’s poor economy and donations are needed now more than ever. So Shirley Russell, the Archives’ volunteer executive director, has worked tirelessly on making sure Saturday’s inaugural talent show is a success. That’s because $2,500 is immediately needed to cover the Archives’ insurance, money that shouldn’t come out of the Archives’ small $7,000 annual budget. In addition, the handful of Archive volunteers want residents to become aware that the local museum exists solely for the public. The volunteers find, however, that most residents don’t know anything about the Archives. Like Ted Neely, one of Saturday’s entertainers, who didn’t even know what the Archives is or where it’s located. But he has the right attitude. “It’s a talent show and I wanted to help the community,” said Neely, who moved here nine years ago from Concord. “I’m also looking forward to seeing all the acts.” This week, Neely is just focusing on rehearsing his song. After the show, though, Neely will head to E and Fifth streets to check out the venue cause for which he has been practicing for these past few weeks. “After the show, I’ll certainly go visit the Archives,” Neely added. I hope you do, too. But first, I hope you attend the Archives’ inaugural talent show. It’s for a good cause, which is preserving the history of this special city. And you’ll support your neighbors on stage, who are supporting your town. It’s cheaper than a movie and more convenient since it’s in Lincoln and you don’t have to put gas in your car and drive too far. Please attend Saturday’s Lincoln’s Got Talent Show. I promise you’ll have a great time while helping your Archives. Carol Feineman can be reached at