Take time this month to plan your garden

Flower Hut Nursery column
By: Jennifer Miner Special to Inside Lincoln
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I am a perpetual planner. If I have everything planned out ahead of time, I find that I will have less chaos in my life. It doesn’t always work that way but I truly enjoy planning and being prepared well in advance. I think of January as the “Planners Month.” I will try and plan out a good portion of my year in January. It is a slower month for most of us so it is the best month to reflect on what your goals and ideas for the upcoming year are. So why not take this month to reflect on your garden and yard? Reflect on what worked and what did not. Try and remember those yard chores that never were competed and make it your goal to do it this year. Think about those times when you went by a house that had a beautiful yard and you thought to yourself, “I want to try that next year.” 2012 will be a great year to do some of those yard improvements. Also, if you plant a veggie garden, having a good plan of what and where you are going to plant your veggies will help you keep from over-planting. When you get some garden catalogues, start marking the plants you would like to try and visit your local nursery to ask if it is a good plant for your specific needs. Enjoy this time for planning and reflecting on what your dream garden will look like. The busy months of pruning, fertilizing, weeding and planting are just around the corner. However, there are a few garden chores I would not ignore this month. If we continue to have a dry winter, then you should make sure you water your plants in the ground and in containers. (If we have rain at least once a week you will not need to do any extra watering.) Also, this is the time to spray your dormant sprays to help reduce disease issues in the spring as well as some insect issues. Spray cooper spray to eliminate peach leaf curl and you can also use it on any roses that usually get black spot. Spay All Season Oil to kill off any over-wintering larvae that may be hiding in bark and branches of trees and bushes. Happy planning! Jennifer Miner owns Flower Hut Nursery, located at 603 4th St. and Highway 65 in Wheatland. For more information, call (530) 633-4526.