Support a ‘time out’

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The Placer County Board of Supervisors will consider a temporary suspension of “community center” approvals on April 9. Although the item needs a 4/5 vote to pass, we strongly urge approval.

Citizens have been asking for a moratorium in order to establish guidelines and differentiate between traditional community centers and commercial private event centers, especially when the latter are proposed in incompatible agricultural and farm lands.

Traditional community centers are nonprofit or publicly-owned facilities located in rural ag/farm zones (Grange, Veteran Halls) and rented by the community at reasonable rates.

However, private event centers, approved as traditional “community center” land use designations, are anything but traditional. With their large, year-round, commercial events, the character of ag-farm zone land uses will change; neighbors will be impacted and the potential for complete loss of ag operations increases.

Despite strong citizen opposition, recent approvals include year–round daily events of up to 100 to 150 attendees along with other daily traffic-generating business operations on rural roads. Without guidelines, these unacceptable, mismatched land uses will continue to proliferate.

Ask supervisors to vote yes on the temporary moratorium to allow a necessary “time out” to establish reasonable guidelines.

Marilyn Jasper, Sierra Club Placer Group chairwoman, Loomis