Super Bowl swamis make their picks

By: Jim Linsdau, Sports Editor
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There would be no credibility in Gold Country Media Sports if an attempt wasn’t made to prognosticate the outcome of Super Bowl XLVII. Of course, it would be folly for me to try and explain my reasons why either the San Francisco 49ers or Baltimore Ravens would lay claim to the 47th Lombardi Trophy, so I asked some of the best and brightest that I know as to their choice.

First to respond was Whitney High School football coach Mike Gimenez. Being a man with vast gridiron knowledge, he selected the 49ers as Sunday’s best bet.

After qualifying himself as a 49er fan he replied, “I think the NFC is a stronger conference and believe the 49ers are more athletic than the Ravens.”

Obviously, his wisdom runs deep.

Other sages of the gridiron were Press Tribune Sports Editor Bill Poindexter and his counterpart at the Folsom Telegraph, Matt Long. Yes, both took the Niners but neither claim SF as their favorite NFL team.

Bill likes the Raiders and Matt the Steelers; so their inputs were based on football acumen.

“I see matchups on both sides of the ball,” Poindexter wrote,” but (coach) Jim Harbaugh is a better schemer than brother John.”

“I’m jumping on the (Colin) Kaepernick bandwagon,” responded Long. “I think he’s going to run like he did against Green Bay and the old man Ray Lewis ain’t (football jargon) going to be able to catch him.”

Matt predicts a 38-24 outcome.

Rocklin Thunder head football coach Greg Benzel made a bold prediction that Baltimore would prevail. A former Raiders’ fan, he said he now just enjoys a good game. By that token, he said he’s not sure who he will be rooting for come Super Bowl time.

“The Ravens surprised Denver and (New England),” Benzel wrote. “I think they will surprise the Niners as well. Regardless, it will be a great game.”

Also picking Baltimore was Gold Country Media Sports Correspondent Joshua Gutierrez. He said he thinks the Ravens’ will defend the 49er’s read-option better than did either Atlanta or Green Bay.

“I give the edge to the Ravens because Joe Flacco is playing great at the quarterback position right now,” Gutierrez wrote. However, he added that Kaepernick could become the NFL’s next Tom Brady.

The last vote came in from Lincoln head football coach Ken Lowe. He picked SF based on the Niner’s defense and he wasn’t being biased. Lowe is a Cowboys’ fan.

Earlier this week, a nationwide poll by Facebook and CBS Sports had San Francisco favored 58 percent to 42 percent. No state west of Minnesota picked Baltimore. Surprisingly, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Jersey also were trending toward the 49ers.

Not surprising, California was 93 percent behind the Bay Area club. Maryland was voting Ravens by 95 percent.

The game could well come down to defense, offensive line and the Harbaugh brothers John (Baltimore) and Jim (San Francisco).

Taking all this into consideration, I have to say the winner will be … darn, I’m out of space. I’ll have to let you know my pick next week.