Sunset for Starbucks Sun City

By: Brandon Darnell Lincoln News Messenger
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The Starbucks in Sun City said its goodbyes Friday, throwing a party complete with prizes and a live band, Lincoln Highway. “We were invited by Starbucks to play their final day and thought, why not?” said bass player Doug Weiss. “It’s our first funeral … a celebration of life,” he said with a grin. Weiss said he will miss the coffeehouse, adding, “The loss of the location is the heartbreak.” He’ll miss the social aspect of stopping by for coffee and meeting friends, who turn into “Starbucks friends.” Chere Andre (Drake) said she stops by three or four times a week. Pam Bulger heard about the closing party by word of mouth and the Lincoln Highway band. “It’s kind of like our Cheers,” she said, adding that everyone likes to stop by and connect with friends in a place where everybody knows your name. “We’ll miss Starbucks.” Phyllis Louthan said she heard the lodge at Kilaga will be selling Starbucks brand coffee, so they will be able to meet there in the future. “It’s not the same, but we’ll make it the same,” she said.