Sunnie takes steps toward brighter future

Editor’s note: Sunnie Hoekstra, 3, recently suffered a stroke. Since Nov. 1, Sunnie has been at U.C. Davis Hospital for rehabilitation. To donate for medical bills, A Hope for Sunnie account has been set up at U.S. Bank. Lincoln’s U.S. Bank is at 525 McBe
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Sunnie Hoekstra is taking steps and walking from her room to the playroom. Her strength, determination and cheerfulness are a constant source of amazement as she continues to make small steps of progress through therapy each day. 

Sunnie is also bearing weight in her right leg, can stand and has started walking (although she’s a bit unsteady, she is trying so hard)!

Her right arm moves a little better at times but there is still no localized movement (like opening her hand or stretching her elbow) more just raising the whole thing from the shoulder.

She is trying hard to talk by mimicking words. Even though her speech is still difficult to understand, she is getting the vowel sounds down pretty nicely.

To all of our family, friends and our fabulous Lincoln community, we thank you for continued prayers and support.

Sunnie still has a long way to go, but each day, she is working toward a bright future.

On Friday, Dec. 7, Funtastic Play Center in Elk Grove is having a Playtime for Sunnie fundraiser, hosted by Shealee Butters.

~ Heather Hoekstra,

Sunnie’s grandmother