Sun City speeders need to stop

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The article in your paper (March 28, page 4, “Stop signs will, for now, stay in Lincoln Hills”) by your editor was informative, insightful and made some great points. As a resident of Lincoln Hills, I agree with the gentleman who is annoyed by speeders on the street where he lives.

However, if he really wanted to get something done about the speeders, moving to another part of Lincoln Hills is not the answer and does nothing to curtail the problem; it just spreads it out onto other streets.

The other issue is residents not stopping at stop signs.  

Adding or deleting stop signs is not the solution to the speeding or the stop-sign runners.

Is there an answer to address all the speeders and stop-sign runners? My suggestion is that our city and Lincoln Hills leaders put their heads together and let’s see what they come up with.

I like the idea of creating a traffic violation division. Residents who see a driver speeding or running a stop sign should try to get a license plate number, time and location of the violation and description of the vehicle and culprit. Then he/she could send that info via e-mail form, along with their name, address, etc.

If this particular vehicle and/or person get repeated recognition for speeding or running a stop sign, then maybe the city or Lincoln Hills could send them a friendly notice advising them of their infractions. What the city or Lincoln Hills can do after that, I don't know.

If some of the residents of Lincoln Hills didn’t have the sense of entitlement, then maybe we wouldn't be having these traffic problems.

Why do I think this? Because a friend of mine knows a police officer in Lincoln and here's what happened when he pulled a Lincoln Hills resident for running a stop sign. The officer went up to the vehicle and advised him that he was being pulled over for running a stop sign. The man responded by saying, "But officer, you don't understand. I live here."

Need I say more?

Armando Mayorga, Lincoln