Sun City needs to lose some of its stop signs

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Carol Feineman had a great article in the March 28 News Messenger on stop signs in Lincoln.

We are recent arrivals in Sun City Lincoln Hills.  One of the first things we noticed was the many unnecessary stop signs.

Four-way stop signs are really only needed at major intersections, such as Sun City and Stag's Leap/Lasso Lake or at Del Webb and Orchard Creek/Strolling Hills, where clubhouse traffic enters the main route.  Most of the others would be adequate with stop signs on the cross streets.

It usually takes more than one vehicle to create a collision.

There are rarely more than one or two vehicles at the intersections in Lincoln Hills.

Stop signs are a poor way to control traffic speed.  That's what speed limits and radar guns are for.  Unnecessary stop signs only add to noise and air pollution and to driver stress.

It’s easily possible to exceed the speed limit between existing stop signs. If patrols are to be increased, they need to focus on vehicle speed rather than whether they come to a complete stop at the ridiculous stop signs.

Ben Smith, Lincoln