Sun City board ballots to be mailed out Friday

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Four members of the Sun City Lincoln Hills’ Board of Directors will be elected Feb. 17. Ballots will be mailed out Monday to 6,700 Sun City households, according to the elections committee co-chairwoman Carol J. Larsen. Ballots must be in by Feb. 14 If someone doesn’t receive a ballot or make a mistake on it, replacement ballots are available at the Orchard Creek Reception desk. Running for a two-year term are David Conner, John Kightlinger, Marty Rubin, John Snyder and Frances Swanson. Conner and Kightlinger are incumbents. ~ Staff report John Kightlinger What makes you the most qualified for this position? I am presently secretary and was treasurer last year of our Sun City Lincoln Hills Board of Directors. These positions allowed me to be close to the internal operations of the Association. My 40-plus years as an executive in the aeronautical industry have allowed me to make numerous decisions that affected expenditures, contracts and maintaining companies’ profitability. What do you want to accomplish, serving on the board? If I’m reelected, my No. 1 priority will be to maintain our Association financial integrity. Other items that will get my attention are: • Continue to find ways to improve our compassionate treatment of residents. • Work to ensure the SCLH food service entities are advertised and priced toward a profit-making goal. • Follow the budgeting process very closely so our lifestyle is maintained and our dues are kept low. What’s your No. 1 priority to address as a director? My No. 1 task along with the other board members will be to keep the corporation financially sound. The past two years have been very trying for this task, considering the economics condition of our country, but the Association is in better financial shape today than it was two years ago. Some residents may ask how that can be a fact and their 2011 dues were increased $2 per month. All of this dues increase went to the unrestricted reserve fund, which is an escrow account to maintain our assets when they need to be repaired or replaced. How does the current city budget crisis affect Sun City Lincoln Hills and what can be done to compensate that? As we all know, this is a continuing budget crisis that started back in 2009 and I see no end in sight for a solution. Hopefully, the city officials will become more open with the residents and the last financial surprise has been uncovered. The cuts in city services affect Lincoln Hill residents just like all residents of Lincoln and are of utmost importance especially the fire and police. The COP patrolling and Neighborhood Watch can help with the security but nothing beats the eyes and ears of the residents. Frances Swanson What makes you most qualified for this position? I served on the Sun City Lincoln Hills Board of Directors from 2008 to 2010 and was board secretary during 2009. Prior to that, I was a member of the elections committee. I have lived in Lincoln Hills for over 10 years; was president of two shared interest groups. This community needs a board member they can trust to be financially conservative and responsible; someone who will listen with an open mind. I believe I am that board member. What do you want to accomplish serving on the board? When I ran for the board in 2007, there were contentious issues, which divided our residents and created some disharmony on the board. I saw this situation change during my first year on the board as issues were resolved amicably and the board members worked together in a more positive manner. I would like to contribute to and continue that harmony with the use of one word: “Respect” - respect for my fellow residents and board members and respect for the staff who work so diligently to keep our community a great place to live. What’s your No. 1 priority to address as a director? There can only be one answer – to do all that I can so that the Association remains fiscally sound. During the two years I served on the board, we took some conservative steps by having a very strict investment policy; by re-organizing staff - and we did not raise the dues. How does the current city budget crisis affect Sun City Lincoln Hills and what can be done to compensate that? First, let me say that I don’t consider the city of Lincoln’s budget crisis to be an appropriate subject of discussion for my campaign. That being said, I would add that SCLHCA operates as a private corporation; that during my time on the board, we made wise investment choices; took conservative action by re-organizing our staff and still continue to be fiscally sound. We maintain our own landscaping and street lighting. All of the amenities that we have, such as swimming pools, fitness center, sports facilities, walking trails are supported by our dues so we have not had to cut back on these services. Therefore, we have not felt any effect. Marty Rubin What makes you most qualified for this position? My experience at Sun City Lincoln Hills includes one year on the finance committee, three years on the board of directors, and another two years on the finance committee for a total of six years. In addition, during my working years, I started and operated several successful businesses in manufacturing and transportation. As the owner, I was responsible for success and knowing the details of our financial condition, and will use all these experiences to oversee Sun City Lincoln Hills management operations and $14 million budget. What do you want to accomplish, serving on the board? I want to contribute to keeping our community as beautiful and vibrant as when my wife and I moved here 7 ½ years ago. As a board member, I will see that we: • Ensure all residents get equitable treatment on use of facilities. • Continue to properly fund the reserve accounts. • Continue the prudent investment of Association funds. • Work cooperatively with the city of Lincoln for our mutual benefit. • Support the Association CC&R’s, bylaws and state HOA laws such as Davis-Sterling and make sure that we are in compliance. • Work to keep homeowners dues at a reasonable level. • Work to avoid costly lawsuits and legal actions against our Association. What’s your No. 1 priority to address as a director? I have concerns about our future direction as far as abiding by all the laws and regulations governing our community and would work to see that we support the Association CC&R’s, bylaws, and state HOA laws, and sponsor a code of conduct for board members. How does the current city budget crisis affect Sun City Lincoln Hills and what can be done to compensate that? As we are all Lincoln residents and directly affected by the city budget crisis, I would support a dialogue between Sun City Lincoln Hills and City Hall executives. When I was previously on the board, we had members work as liaison with city management to address mutual problems and concerns. I endorse that action. As security is a big issues and the Lincoln Police Department is limited in manpower, we will see if we can work with the city to increase the size of Citizens On Patrol and, if possible, make them more active for security purposes. John Snyder What makes you the most qualified for this position? My early training was with an international CPA firm. The next 30 years were as CFO and CEO of large labor intensive service entities providing janitorial, landscaping, uniformed security, food service and building engineering services in multiple city and states to commercial enterprises. These services are commonly referred to as facility services and our Association uses every one of them every day. I know and understand them. During my over five years on the Sun City Lincoln Hills Finance Committee with the last two being chairman, I have gained an understanding of the workings of the Association, its segments of operation and have developed a working relationship with its staff, management and directors. While on the Finance Committee, I was also a member of the Food and Beverage Committee. I have been involved in the development of the Association’s last five annual budgets, the review of monthly internal financials, the annual audited financials, annual reserve studies, and the development of its investment and reporting concepts. Additionally, I have been party to the selection of the professional service providers including investment, insurance, accounting, legal, and banking. What do you want to accomplish serving on the board? My priorities are to preserve our financial strength, to work to the highest ethical standards, to maintain our high quality lifestyle including the preservation of our common facilities and common areas, to communicate openly with residents and staff, to listen objectively to the interests of the entire community, and to be accessible to all members of the Association. What’s your No. 1 priority to address as a director? To assure the Association’s financial security and its capacity to perpetuate and enhance our quality of life and our property values. How does the current city budget crisis affect Sun City Lincoln Hills and what can be done to compensate that? I believe Sun City Lincoln Hills should be considered as an integral part of the city of Lincoln and significantly support its civic functions, its education and civic support groups in meaningful and generous ways. The city’s financial difficulties do impact each individual, family and household in different and specific ways. The loss of retail establishments, the increase in unemployment and the resulting hardships on families and children, the public service reductions, and the stress of worry cause a negative impact on all of us. One tends to lose confidence given the disarray in city management. But we are in this trouble together and need to realize that the only way out is together. So get involved, stay involved, ask questions until you are satisfied with the answers and then make sure the actions are in line with your expectations. David Conner  What makes you most qualified for this position? I believe serving on a very successful board for the past two years coupled with a strong 30-year career in production management and industrial relations intimately qualifies me to continue as one of your directors. In addition to the technical skills required, I bring a personality that helps create an atmosphere that is conducive to an aggressive energetic process. My past history is a strong indicator of future results. What do you want to accomplish, serving on the board? Even I have been surprised by the number of projects and goals accomplished in the past two years. For the future, we are looking at new technologies that may help reduce our energy costs. We must continue to fine-tune our restaurant and other amenities and ensure they are always first class. Recruiting for our excellent committees and nurturing their fine efforts must be ongoing and we must not allow any of our accomplishments to fall through the cracks. Promulgating policy and setting the bar for our executive director is paramount in our tasks and responsibilities. What’s your No. 1 priority to address as a director? Because of my expressed interest, I have been approached by a group of professionals in our community who are desirous of examining the aging of our community and discussing programs or counseling that may be beneficial to us in the future or even now. I am encouraging them and looking forward to the development of a plan which can be shared and further explored. How does the current city budget crisis affect Sun City Lincoln Hills and what can be done to compensate that? My first concern are any reductions in emergency services and especially response time by the fire trucks that provide life saving resuscitation equipment. Our crime rate in Lincoln Hills is, so far, quite low. Because so many of us are retired and at home, and we have in place an excellent Neighborhood Watch program, I don’t foresee a spike in crime for Sun City. Its pretty hard to take someone’s flat screen TV when it’s being watched 16 hours a day! In any case, we must constantly check the statistics, stay informed, remain vigilant and be prepared to take new preventative action if necessary. I am always gratified and proud of our professional volunteers who present themselves to help out in the schools, libraries and even city government. During these economic hardships, can we do more for Lincoln? We may be asked, and with a little direction, I’m sure we’ll come through.  I hope the foregoing will cause you to be compelled to reelect me as one of your HOA Board of Directors. I do enjoy the work, the smiling faces and do appreciate your confidence.