Students make a splash returning to private school

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Sean Bussell, 5, walked into Becky and Bob Romness’ backyard Tuesday with a mixture of fear and curiosity on his face. He was attending a kindergarten swim party where he would meet his new teacher and classmates. Several children already knew each other because they attended Community Christian Preschool together last year. They were already in the pool happily splashing around with one another. But this is Sean’s first year at the school. He decided to stick close to his mother for the time being. The Bussell family joined a group of parents who sat in the shade getting acquainted while keeping a watchful eye on their children. Other parents asked Remy Nutter, the kindergarten teacher, about the upcoming school year. The children gravitated between the pool and the snack table. “We had a back-to-school swim party the first year we opened Community Christian Schools so that our students and parents would have an opportunity to get acquainted with one another before starting the new school year,” said school principal Becky Romness. “Of course, we only had 14 students in the whole school that year. This year, we are holding swim parties all week all over town.” As for Sean, he decided to take the plunge and join the others in the pool. By the end of the party, Sean made new friends. Community Christian Schools is a Lincoln private school for preschool through eighth-grade. The first day of school is Aug. 26. For more information about the school, visit online or call 645-6280.