Striker explains why she’s upset

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I have read the article in The Lincoln Messenger (Nov. 8 front page, “Raley’s employees go on strike”) explaining why we are striking. It was good but I would like to explain to you who we are and why we are out there striking.

I have 31 years with the company as do many of the picketers out there ready to retire. Our bodies have been broken down from working in retail for Raley’s exclusively for 30 years.

Now that we are able to reap our hard work benefits we have been promised, Raley’s says they cannot afford to pay our benefits and our health care.

Well, I say “shame on you, Raley’s.” You are wealthy because of our sweat and hard work that we have done for your company. And now I am old, you will turn your back on me; shame on you.

Meanwhile, you have money and are living very comfortably and we continue to be loyal to you. All we are asking is the same loyalty from you. You call us family. I would never treat a family member as you have treated us these last few weeks.

Bonnie Wendt, Lincoln Raley’s, Auburn