Stop reckless driving

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Give me a break!  I’m a newbie in Sun City Lincoln Hills but I’m already sick and tired of all the whining about stop signs and people trying to make raceways out of our streets.  

Since I’ve been here, the problems I’ve experienced are speeders, tailgaters and just plain discourteous drivers who think they’re driving in New York or something. 

The worst are women in fancy cars, even failing to wait their turn at four-way stops. 

This is a retirement community.  Slow down and enjoy it. 

Observe speed limits, traffic laws and driving courtesy, and plan your daily schedules better so there’s no need to hurry. 

If that doesn’t work, how about getting up earlier?  Not only will it help to manage your day better, you’ll have more time to bask in the splendor of this beautiful place.

Bill Helm, Lincoln