Still plenty on plate of injured Faber

Lincoln grad pitches reality TV show
By: Russ Edmondson The News Messenger
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Urijah Faber, a Lincoln High graduate, will stay busy while recovering from a hand injury that he suffered during a fight on June 7 at Arco Arena. Faber, 30, broke the fourth and fifth metacarpals on his right hand during a World Extreme Cagefighting bout at Arco Arena. He battled Mike Brown for the featherweight title and lost 48-47 in a unanimous decision in front of over 13,000 fans. Faber, 22-3 since he began fighting in 2003, lost the featherweight belt to Brown in November of last year. The June 7 event was carried live on the Versus network and the Faber-Brown battle was the main event on the seven-card schedule. His injury is expected to keep him out of action for about six months. “It will probably be about that (amount of time) but I’m not 100-percent sure,” said Faber, who stands 5-foot-6 and weighs 145 pounds. He will not be bored. He co-owns two Ultimate Fitness gyms, one in Rancho Cordova and one in Sacramento, and is coaching a group of fighters. Faber also has a clothing line, Alpha Male Clothing (, and says he’ll probably make clothing-related trips to Mexico and possibly Columbia in the near future. He is also a star in a reality TV show that is being pitched to several networks. The pilot is finished. “We’ll pitch the show in the next two weeks,” said Faber, who lives in Sacramento. “It’s kind of more about the lifestyle (then the action in the cage). We have a cool setup in Sacramento. We have five houses (in one area) with a bunch of different fighters (that he coaches). “Basically, I’m just trying to focus on the other stuff (while recovering) and working on my legs a little bit and having some fun.” Faber was a star wrestler at Lincoln High before wrestling for University of California at Davis. His recent hand injury was from a punch that he landed to Brown’s head. “(The fifth metacarpal) snapped in half and shattered in the middle because I kept on fighting,” Faber said. “This happened on one punch with about one minute left in the first round. I hit (Brown) on the top of the head. The fourth metacarpal is a boxer’s fracture. It completely snapped and the bone is pointing up over and toward the skin of the hand.” Faber, a popular WEC fighter that is nicknamed the “California Kid”, wasn’t able to execute his usual moves after the injury. “The biggest advantage for him was that he kept taking me down and my ability to grapple was not as effective because my use of my right hand was not as effective as normal,” said Faber, who went to the hospital immediately after the fight. “A break can mean a lot of different things and I just told (his head instructor) that my hand was broken and he told me to shut up and . . . I went into the second round knowing I had no right hand. And that’s my biggest tool in my grappling and stand-up game and after I got caught in that second round I decided ‘let’s do this thing with one hand and try to be creative.’” Faber also dislocated his thumb in the third round of the five-round battle. He made his hand X-rays public by using twitter on the night of the fight. He then went to his after-party at The Park in Sacramento.