Start a Neighborhood Watch if you don’t have one near you

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There are 6,783 homes in Sun City (Lincoln Hills). Our Neighborhood Watch can reach nearly every one of these through our email network. This is how we located the owner of the dog who bit the toddler and saved her from having very painful rabies vaccinations.

This incident is an excellent example of how a Neighborhood Watch program can benefit any community.

Neighborhood Watch is a nationwide organization whose mission is to strengthen neighborhood ties, increase personal safety and security awareness, be the eyes and ears of local police and fire departments and encourage emergency preparedness.

You may think it is difficult to organize your own group but you don’t need a giant bureaucracy like ours. You only need to start with your own block and move on from there. is a private network that you can use for your email messages.

National Night Out is Aug. 5, a good excuse for a block party, and you can discuss starting your own Neighborhood Watch.

Contact the Lincoln Police Department at 645-4040 for literature and possibly a speaker.

Sun City Neighborhood Watch is also available to help you get started. 

Contact Larry Wilson at 408-0667 for more information.

Mary Cranston, Lincoln