Speed limits are what they need to be

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Let's look at the Twelve Bridges speed limit issue by the numbers. At the present speed limit of 40 mph, it takes 80 seconds to travel one mile. At 45 mph, it will take 75 seconds to travel one mile. So if you drive five miles at 40 mph, the total time is 400 seconds. If the speed limit is changed to 45 mph, it would take a total of 375 seconds “ a net gain of 25 seconds. At 50 mph, the net gain would be 50 seconds, not quite a minute. Does anyone really need to get anywhere 25 to 50 seconds sooner, and what difference would it make? I can only speak for myself, but I am retired and leave my home in plenty of time so I don't have to rush anywhere. I like taking my time when driving in and around Lincoln/ Sun City. I don't have a problem driving 40, 45 or whatever the posted speed limit is. Let's all relax and take our time getting to where we want/need to be. Armando Mayorga Lincoln