SPCA announces poster and writing contest winner

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Placer SPCA recently held a poster and writing contest for local students in grades 1 through 12. Participants were required to submit a poster or writing entry, highlighting their appreciation and love for animals. Students chose form a list of themes relevant to their age-group.

While we received interest from students among a wide range of ages, this contest was especially popular among our youngest supporters, aged 6-11. These talented youngsters wrote to us to tell us about proper care for pets, and to share with us why they love their pets.  We also received many beautiful and creative pieces of artwork displaying love and kindness to pets, and the importance of identification tags.

After all submissions were collected, the top 5 entries were chosen and displayed in the Humane Education room of the Placer SPCA Roseville Companion Animal Care Center. Visitors to the Placer SPCA were encouraged to cast their votes for their favorite writing and/or poster submission. The votes were tallied, and Gracie Mae, a bright and bubbly 6 year old was selected as the Grand Prize Winner.

Gracie Mae wrote a short essay telling us why she loves her dog, a boxer named Layla. In her essay, she tells us that Layla is sweet and soft. That she is a fast runner and she likes to watch chipmunks. Gracie Mae says she likes giving Layla hugs and she loves it when Layla finds her favorite toy, which is one given to her by Gracie Mae.  Among many other adorable things, Gracie Mae goes on to tell us that she loves Layla because she is her best friend.

Teaching youth humane treatment towards animals is the mission of the Humane Education department at Placer SPCA. Through contests like the above mentioned, scout programs, school presentations, and summer kids camps we can educate children about basic animal safety and care, and what it means to be responsible and compassionate towards all animals. 

If you know a young person who cares about animals and would like to learn more about them, consider enrolling them in one of Placer SPCA’s humane education programs. If you would like to learn more about Placer SPCA’s humane education programs please visit