Sorrento Parkway Construction Under Way

By: Brandon Darnell, News Messenger Reporter
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Construction on Sorrento Parkway, which will give residents of the Hawk’s Landing and Red Hawk subdivisions access to downtown Lincoln, began Wednesday and will be completed by June 12, according to Jill Thompson, the city of Lincoln’s spokeswoman. Sorrento Parkway is being constructed as a result of the permanent closure of Moore Road to allow the Highway 65 bypass to come through town. Moore Road closed April 14, and in the two months before Sorrento Parkway is completed, residents of the two subdivisions, composed of about 200 homes, must take alternate routes into downtown Lincoln from their homes on the outskirts. Several of these residents have said in previous news stories and letters to the editor the alternate routes will add several miles each way. Residents were first notified of the road’s closure before completion of Sorrento Parkway March 24 via Caltrans signs. That was before the city of Lincoln struck a deal with Caltrans to keep Moore Road open until Sorrento Parkway’s completion. That deal fell through, however, and affected residents held an ad- hoc meeting at the site of the closure April 2 to voice their concerns to city officials. Residents also spoke out at the City Council meeting April 14, once again stating their unhappiness with the closure of Moore Road before the completion of Sorrento Parkway. Brian Davy lives near Moore Road and said that Moore Road’s closure isn’t the problem, as that was known for quite some time but that the construction of Sorrento Parkway is the issue. “We’re tickled to death with the closure of Moore Road and the stoppage of traffic,” Davy said. “As far as Sorrento Parkway is concerned, that should have been done before the road was cut.” Davy said he is appreciative of the City Council’s efforts to do everything it can for residents at this time, such as constructing the emergency-vehicle route but added he is disappointed that Sorrento Parkway wasn’t completed earlier. “The only thing I’m disturbed about at all is the timing of the closure and the road building,” Davy said. “They’re doing their best with what they’ve got to work with on the short order.” Mayor Spencer Short said Tuesday there had been some concerns by residents over the fact that no equipment had been seen but that the area had to be drained before heavy equipment could move in. Short confirmed that the June 12 completion date will be met, barring weather or other unforeseen occurrences. “We are doing the best we can on short notice,” Short said. “Despite the short notice, (Sorrento Parkway) will be a quality project. We empathize with the folks who are impacted by this, and we’re trying to minimize those impacts." Brandon Darnell can be reached by e-mail at