Somebody to the rescue!

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I took my daily walk to Angler’s Cove today To put it mildly, I was simply blown away Reddish brown gook on the water was piled high Posing the question to myself, I asked why? Climbing the short steps up to Ferrari Pond To the tranquil waters of which beavers are fond There the reddish gook was more of the same Are we allowed to query or perhaps place blame Yes, there are plenty of wild birds and fowl to see And the dogs who walk folks are happy as can be This once idyllic scene was built for us to enjoy But Mother Nature has seen fit to try and destroy Often I’ve crossed on the wooden bridge planks And seen gramps/grand kids – their faces blanks They’ve come for quality time but can’t catch a fish Do they ever restock the cove – they sure wish! What’s the solution for cleaning up this mess I haven’t a clue and I’ll be the first to confess But somebody, somewhere, has an answer I’m sure So let’s get with them and arrive at a viable cure DICK ROONEY, LincolN