Some workers still waiting for layoff notifications

By: Brandon Darnell, News Messenger Reporter
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Of the 31 layoffs needed to balance the city’s $1-million General Fund shortfall, 17 pink slips have gone out, according to Jill Thompson, city of Lincoln’s spokeswoman. That leaves 14 pink slips still to be handed out and those waiting to hear the news include Public Works construction inspection department, the Classified Unit and maintenance workers. “They’re getting paid for 15 days (after pink slips go out),” Thompson said. “They don’t have to stay.” Thompson added that the 15 days of pay without a requirement to work will hopefully give workers a head start on the search for another job while receiving compensation. Those searches, however, can be tough. Jim Scovill, a building inspector for the City of Lincoln, said a few weeks ago that he faced stiff competition when he was hired. Scovill also said the competition will be even tougher now as there is an ever-growing number of applicants for a shrinking number of jobs. Library Assistant Jill Loya, not one of the six library workers laid off this week, mentioned on Tuesday that the city of San Francisco is hiring librarians. But she said that most of Lincoln’s library staff who were laid off don’t want to relocate. The Lincoln Police Department laid off eight employees, including three officers, a corporal and a sergeant last week. All but one of those, Chief Brian Vizzusi told the News Messenger last week, are currently in the testing process at other agencies.